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Harley Davidson Oil service kits

Harley Davidson Oil service kits

Oil service kits for your Harley Davidson We have various Service kits Only for your Engine, for your Engine and drive train or Complete kits with fork oil, Brake fluid and or Spark plugs, Select your needs and have a fresh start for the new season Brands we sell in kits are Drag Specialities, Eurol or Spectro oils.

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It keeps the many components of the engine working efficiently, and it helps reduce the accumulation of varnish and carbon from collecting on the engine. As oil collects heat, varnish and carbons during the course of protecting and keeping the engine running smoothly, it eventually becomes less like liquid and more like sludge. No matter how good the oil is, eventually it degrades as the additives get used up. That's when you should have your oil changed.

How often and what kind of oil should be used? It will depend on the type of oil you choose to use, what kind of car, and how often you drive. This is where your owner's manual will come in handy.We at Taco-Motos advice change oil at least every 2 year or between every 4-5k Miles for Synthetic and 3k miles for Mineral oil or every year

Oils can be separated into multigrade oils and monograde oils. Multigrade oils must fulfill two viscosity specifications, their viscosity grade consists of two numbers, e.g. 20W-50: 20W refers to the low-temperature viscosity ("Winter"), 50 refers to the high-temperature viscosity ("Summer").
Viscosity Is Key

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